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Being at the top of the game only lasts for a short time. Take a look at the breakdown of the phases every athlete goes through and you'll see the numbers don't lie.

Phase 1. Playing days

Every athlete's career has a finite duration. And many don't have a plan for life after sports.


It can be a tough transition physically, mentally and emotionally. But it doesn't have to be. All it takes is the right plan pointing to the right purpose.


With a custom-tailored Gameplan in place built around your passions, skills and gifts, you're empowered to live a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

Average Length of Pro Careers

(in years)
average lenth of an athlete's career

  1. NFL | source: NFL Players Association
  2. NBA | average career length at the start of the 2008-2009 season, quoted by TIME magazine
  3. NHL | For all skaters (forwards & defense) from 1917-2004, as derived from
  4. MLB | Derived from a study performed by University of Colorado at Boulder research team.

How "what's now" becomes "what's next"

For athletes, being told "how" is nothing new. It's an accepted and expected part of their daily routine. But once the career is over and that routine ends, there's an unmistakable void left behind. The athlete needs answers to some very important questions about who they are outside of sports. What they can become. And how they can get there.

That's where The Gameplan comes in

Designed to be custom-tailored, the Gameplan confidently positions the athlete to not only take on whatever challenges they face in the future, but to ensure they taste victory every step of the way.

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